2016 Ordination Mass 225
Altar Servers/Monaguillos
Those who serve at the altar assist the priest and the sacred administration of his responsibilities during the sacrifice of the Mass. Typically, they are the cross bearer, those who carry the...
Elijah Henderson 197811
We've heard your voice during Mass. Yes, you. Keep doing that beautiful singing that you do--just do it from the choir loft! Get in touch with our Music Director and join one of our Mass's choirs,...
Bible Study 01 Unsp
Cristo La Roca
Un grupo de oración que se reúne cada semana para orar, estudiar las Escrituras y, en general, compartir la cultura y el compañerismo unos con otros en el Señor. Martes: Cristo La Roca, después de...
Bible Study 03 Unsp
Cursillo de Cristiandad
This is a prayer group to support you in building your relationship with Jesus Christ. Thursday: Cursillo de Cristiandad, 7:30 p.m., chapel
Eucharistic Ministers
It is a sacred thing to administer the Body and Blood of Christ to His Church. The high point of each Mass is the transfiguration of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. Eucharistic...
Youth And Young Adult Ministry 04 Unsp
Jornada is our youth group for young people to meet the needs of our young people who are faced with the challenges of being an immigrant family. Friday: Jornada, 7:30 p.m., church basement
Monthly Couples Meetings
Our monthly couples meetings provides couples with the opportunity to meet one another in prayer and fellowship and to walk with the Lord in healthy marriage.
Bereavement Group 01 Unsp
Spanish Bereavement Group
Bereavement Group is for people who have experienced a loss and after several months of grieving now enter into a new period of trying to grapple with the loss they have experienced. Our group is...